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Historical Background: Founded by the Samnites because of its excellent strategic view over the high Sangro valley, Alfedena (Aufidena for the Samnites) was always the setting of several fightings because of its privileged position. In 298 b.c. it was conquered by the Romans, then by the Longobards during the 11th century . After several events in the Middle ages it became a feud of the Caracciolo family in 1652. Many valuable works of art such as the Ponte Achille (Achlle’s bridge), dating back to the Roman age were destroyed by the Germans mines of the defensive Gustav line. The Germans brought away as spoils many ruins of the Italic necropolis of Campo Consolino next to the village, which counted 1400 tombs on a total amount of 12.000 tombs.Part of the stolen archeological finds were returned after an accurate restoration of the Tubingen University. The archaeological excavations bear witness to the ancient presence in this area of an autonomous civilization until the Roman Conquest, since Alfedena was a district of the superior Samnite, then also the capital town of the Carecini tribe in their first settlement near the high Saro, ancient name of today’s Sangro river. Some ruins of Cyclopian masonry are to be seen in the districts of Civitalta, Curino and S. Nicola with some columns, ruins of a temple brought to life by the excavations. The village boasts an ancient tradition in the stone carving handicraftsThe last paver-craftsmen made the perfect artistic paving of the town, unique to its genre.In the historical centre can be admired the octagonal castle of the Simone’s feud, Count of Sangro.

Outling Administrative Divisions: Alanno Scalo, Feliciantonio, Oratorio Ticchione, Candelora, Ciafalone, Coccialonga, Fascitelli, Fraticelli, Macerine, Petricchi, Prati, Ragnitelli, Sant'Emidio, Tarantola', Tavernola, Villa Aurora, Villa D'Orazio.
Events, Folklore & Religious Feast: 6th August: St. Donato’s day, 2nd Week-end of September: Lentil festival.
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