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Historical Background: The village is situated on the Majella slopes, on a hill along the streams Avello and Aventino. It has a surface of 17,85 square km. Probably of Roman origins, the first written documents date back to the 12 th century, in the 15 th century the De Letto ruled the village, later the D’Ugno. In the 17 th century it passed to Giovanni Battista borghese. In the 17 th century it was a feud of Castiglione da Penne. Worth a visit is the parish church and sanctuary of Assunta of the 13th century, which was successively restored and a fine bell-tower was added in the 13th century. Inside the sanctuary there is a statute of the Madonna with the Child, of the 14th century. The built-up area is overlooked by a valley surrounded by very high rocky walls, leading to the D’Ugni mountain and the Martellese, Murelle and Acquaviva peaks. Between the village and the valley entry lies the Grotta St. Angelo, with in its inside some ruins of a Benedectine structure. In ancient times this cave was bound to the worship of the goddess of fertility Bona. In Piano la Roma there are the ruins of a theatre, houses and the cobbled streets of the ancient Samnite-Carecino settlement of Cluviae.

Outling Administrative Divisions: Cantagufo, Confini, Limiti Di Sopra, Sant'Antonio, Vallone, Vignaverde.
Events, Folklore & Religious Feast: 15th August: Madonna dell'Assunta feast, 3rd November: Madonna della Libera feast , First Sunday of June: St. Domenico’s miracle.
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